Florida Circ LLC

  Management and Distribution of all types of free-circulation publications


Management and Distribution of all types of Alternate free circulation publications in multiple Florida Market areas.

Management and Distribution of all types of free circulation publications - magazines - newspapers - charity/promotional brochures - fliers - periodicals - catalogs - phone books, etc. 

We service multiple Florida Market areas Including but not limited to Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and other cities in Florida.

We service all types of locations newsstand, home delivery, single copy. 

Florida Circ offers the most cost-effective, comprehensive services available for getting your advertising message to your target market. We can deliver the following straight to yourcustomers’ doors:

• Newspapers            • Magazines          • Fliers             • Brochures   • Sample Products    • Newsletters        • Bulletins                             • Directories               • Alternative Newspapers           

• Newsstand                           • Single Copy Racks\Boxes             

• Homes                                     • Florida Rest Areas

• Hand to Hand Distribution                                • Guerrilla Marketing

                We have ongoing access to all types of locations needed to achieve maximum circulation and efficiency for each of the titles we service.

                We deliver to all types of businesses including Retail Stores, Colleges, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Florida Rest Areas and many other location types.

Circulation Audit preparation and liaison with auditing companies approved 

by Verified Audit Circulation and Circulation Verification Council.

Circulation Route Management

We use a Circulation Management Software focusing on providing tools to our clients to increase readership through circulation optimization. Our mission is to optimize the distribution network and locations by tracking the habits of the readership base.

Optimize Circulation:

Circulation Manager will optimize the circulation press run and increase readership. 

By utilizing the draw optimizer, the circulation manager and publisher will always be assured the correct amount of papers are getting to your box and dealer locations.

The circulation manager can update all draws in milliseconds based on historic return data, cover story, weather, or day of the week. Increase your press run for specific location types (laundromat, convenience store, etc.) based on late breaking news.

Latest Technology:

We use the QuickDraw Software,our Circulation team can access and manage all of their circulation and distribution data from any internet capable device. Drivers have an iPhone or Android phone, they can access their route sheets and enter returns in real time. Buh bye paper!

Save Money:

By identifying poorly performing locations the Circulation Manager can quickly move or decommission a box thereby saving money on printing press and waste. By optimizing the press run you always ensure the correct amount of papers are available to the reader. The optimizer tracks a reader's daily habits through a tracking algorithm. (Hint: sometimes student traffic on the transit system is different on Tuesday's and Thursdays).